November 28, 2013

Online Self-Paced Courses in International Health

Self-Paced Educational Courses in Global Health
The Institute for International Medicine (INMED) is pleased to offer a growing series of self-paced courses on topics of international health. Each course is accredited for Continuing Medical Education (CME) and can be accessed online.

INMED shares your passion for international medicine and public health. These are fields devoted to improvement of health for people living in all communities and in all nations - especially those people who are largely forgotten.

INMED provides courses, curriculum, and training experiences for people like you who wish to serve in global health and cross-cultural contexts.

Eligible Participants
All interested healthcare practitioners from any country including medical students, physicians, nurses, laboratory scientists, pharmacists, etc. See the Prospective learners page for more.

INMED Self-Paced Educational Courses in Global Health

Participating Institutions
Partnering with over 165 educational institutions and organizations.

Duration of courses
Participants may complete these courses ONLINE over a period of up to NINETY (90) days.

Method of Application
To participate, INMED invites visitors to review and register for a course by clicking on the course link on their official website (link to it is below).

The Self-Paced courses include:
  1. International Public Health Self-Paced Course:
    International public health is the field devoted to the study and improvement of physical health of all people – especially those who are largely forgotten. It is a field that relies upon several associated disciplines for its effectiveness, including sociology, medicine, nursing, biostatistics and political science. International public health is in every sense a global subject. The interconnected nature of our world today means that everyone has a stake in international public health, for whatever aids or depresses the health of even the humblest, most remote people ultimately influences us all.
  2. Diseases of Poverty Self-Paced Course:
    A large number of diseases are particularly associated with poverty. Where functioning economies, education and healthcare systems are in motion, the prevalence of such diseases diminishes. But when these social components falter, as in times of disaster, economic depression or civil unrest, diseases associated with poverty routinely reemerge. The INMED Diseases Of Poverty Self-paced Course is designed to equip clinicians to prevent, diagnose and treat the most prevalent and unfamiliar diseases of poverty.
  3. International HIV Medicine Self-Paced Course:
    Many developing nations and low-income communities are faced by both a large number of citizens with HIV infection and very limited resources with which to respond. HIV management in such settings demands a unique skill set. The purpose of this course is to prepare healthcare professionals to lead effective low-resource HIV interventions.
  4. Cross-Cultural Competency Self-Paced Course:
    Since World War II and the establishment of the United Nations, the world has experienced an explosion in international trade, immigration and communication. Today’s global society commonly calls for interaction between diverse peoples – different in race, traditions, values, worldview and language. The ability to engage people of different cultures is an increasingly critical skill set in the venues of health, education, profession, community, and personal relationship.
  5. Disaster Medicine Management Self-Paced Course:
    Disasters are increasingly at the forefront of global attention. In the face of devastating losses the heartening response of many individuals, organizations and governments is to provide rescue. But ultimately the key to preventing human impact from disaster events is to limit risk, and therefore the potential for loss. This process of controlling risk is disaster management. This course is tailored to healthcare professionals wishing to increase their skills and participation in this field, hence this resource: the INMED Disaster Medicine Management Self-Paced Course.
  6. International Health Leadership Self-Paced Course:
    Healthcare is in crisis around the world, but the crisis is most grave in low-income communities. In the face of largely preventable diseases, people must contend with ever-tightening resources in their struggle to maintain health and combat illness. Effective healthcare demands wise leadership; leaders who understand the root causes of ill health, recognize effective interventions, and possess the diplomatic skills necessary to implement progress. Yet precious few individuals are taught to think as leaders. Health leadership requires skill, motivation and perseverance. Armed with these virtues, healthcare professionals can apply themselves to successfully guide health improvements in their particular communities.
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