About this site

Medical Notes empower everyone to take charge of their health through reliable information on medical conditions, syndromes, health and wellness written in simple language and reviewed by qualified healthcare professionals to help people know more and understand their conditions thereby making informed decisions and choosing wisely.

We spend time and energy seeking important topics to publish so to help people find the information and support they need reading through our articles.

We are dedicated to providing quality medical and health information, and to upholding the integrity of our content. We know that there is a difference between using a health site for health "performance"​ issues (e.g., flat abs) vs. health research needs (e.g., "What is type 2 diabetes?"​) vs. community support (e.g., "Does anyone else feel like me?"​) vs. e-commerce. Our mission is to fulfill all these needs in the most appropriate way possible.

A bit of history
This site was initially focused on content targeted towards medical residents and students of Internal medicine, but over time has evolved to include and primarily cater to the needs of ordinary people with no or little knowledge of medicine and health. It's name also changed from The Internist to Medical Notes.

Our desire
We want to create a space where your needs are considered first, and you can freely share opinions on the health topics of the day. It is our goal to highlight the news and resources that can support you as you research healthcare issues or make decisions related to medical care.

In the spirit of sharing and support that is reflective of Medical Notes community, we encourage you to interact and offer on-topic comments to the articles on our site and our various social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube.

Please note that personal attacks, vulgarity, profanity (including expletives and letters followed by dashes), and commercial promotion will not be tolerated on our site or social media platforms, and posts of this nature will be removed. Moderating decisions can be subjective but the decision to remove posts will be made carefully and be consistent with our guidelines.

It is important, however, to note that we neither diagnose medical illnesses or conditions, nor do we promote this site as a medical consultation portal. MedicalNotes.info is primarily an educational resource site on health and medicine for everyone. And we continuously strive to ensure that the information we present is both credible and reliable, however, all consultations must be with your own registered health practitioner.

Published cases may, but do not invariably nor necessarily, follow real cases. Health professionals are invited to submit cases of educational value without violating the security and privacy of personal data and identifiers. You may submit such content through our contact page. Please see our disclaimer.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Originally written January 2012, rewritten September 2016 and again June 2020