November 30, 2013

How to Loose Weight Fast...And Safely Too

Many times as a health worker, questions have come to me on the best way to lose weight in the shortest possible time. The questions have come from all sources - patients, friends, and even recent acquaintances - who generally know little or nothing about healthy weight loss.

Unfortunately, however, there is no simple, one-cap-fits-all answer to give these people. Everyone is different, with different life circumstances, different body metabolisms, different emotions, and different likes and dislikes regarding diet and exercise. These factors may all have a role to play in the healthy loss and maintenance of body weight.

Although it is never too late to make up your mind to get the body you always wanted, it is important to note that losing 50 pounds (about 23kg) in about two months can be dangerous. Yet, this fact does not mean you cannot accomplish this weight loss goal in a period of few months.

Losing 20, 30, 50 pounds (i.e. 9, 14, 23kg respectively), and sometimes, as much as 100 pounds (i.e. 45kg) of weight in a healthy way and keeping it off over time - takes a huge amount of dedication and self-discipline. Most people simply aren't prepared physically, mentally, or emotionally. They end up biting off more than they can chew.

The reality about loosing weight

95% of people who start off with some huge, unrealistic weight loss goal are going to be very disappointed. They're going to hit the "brick wall" very quickly in terms of both energy and motivation. No matter how much you think you want it, you're simply not going to lose 20 pounds of fat and get "six pack" abs in the next 3 weeks. Sorry... but that's the bitter truth!

It is most realistic to start off with little bits of weight loss, say 3 pounds (i.e. 1kg)? Just three measly pounds is a very realistic short-term weight loss goal for just about everyone. Plus, losing 3 pounds of body fat and toning your muscles just a little through proper exercise can have a big impact on the way you look and feel.

If you do it right, losing those initial 3 lbs can be your springboard to much bigger weight loss success. You'll learn what it takes to lose weight the right way. Plus, if you use the healthy fat-burning techniques below, you'll end up with a boosted metabolism (not to mention boosted self-confidence) and some vital momentum to fuel you on your way to a leaner, fitter body!

The techniques below have been adapted from more than one source. They are proven to work across a large section of the population. We hope you find it interesting and stimulating.


1. Make up your mind and "see" what you want. Forget diet and exercise --- the hardest part of losing weight is actually making the decision to do it. You've probably tried to loose weight in the past, but never followed through. Making up your mind means willingness to give up what you want now (unhealthy foods) for something even better (the body you've always wanted). Also, spend some time daily "seeing" and mentally visualizing yourself losing weight, being confidant, and feeling fantastic. Have a clear image of what you want in mind at all times. Goal visualization is a very powerful "fast success" tool that everyone should use. Make up your mind and see what you want.

2. Boost your energy. Make sure you have the energy you need to lose pounds quickly by getting at least 6-7 hours of quality sleep per night, avoiding soda, sweets and other junk foods, and drinking about 60-70 ounces (1.8-2 litres) of pure water per day. Start off each day with a big glass of water and, if possible, a few minutes of light, refreshing exercise.

3. Cut out white carbs. Stop eating all highly-processed "white" carbs and you could easily lose 3 pounds in a couple of weeks...without doing anything else! The worst - and most common - white carb foods are white sugars and white flours (e.g. white bread, pasta, etc.). Other white foods you may want to avoid include white potatoes and white rice, as these are starches that are easily converted into sugar once you eat them.

4. Eat protein and plants. The "perfect" meal for fast body fat loss is one based around a lean protein, raw or lightly cooked vegetables (especially the leafy green variety), a serving of beans or legumes (no sugar added of course) for appetite-killing carbs, and some good fats (e.g. from olive oil or avocado). No sugars, bad fats, bad starches, fried foods, or processed carbohydrates. Most, if not all, of your daily calories should come from lean proteins, oily fish, vegetables, nuts, seeds, raw fruit, and healthy fats. Limit, or at least cycle, your intake of starchy carbs (grains, rice, potatoes, etc). If you do these, you'll spike your metabolism and you'll be losing pounds every day!

5. Do short, effective workouts at least 4-5 days per week. Don't spend hours every week jogging on a treadmill. Instead, do a short, fun, and intense workout every other day or so. Cardiovascular exercises that increase your heart rate can help burn calories and temporarily speed up your metabolism in the several hours following exercise so that you lose weight more quickly. Keep in mind, though, that exercise alone will not make you lose weight. You absolutely must change your eating habits in order to lose weight. Combine weight training with HIIT -- high-intensity interval training cardio. Do full-body workouts and keep them to under 40 minutes in length. Exercising like this will help you lose those 3 pounds in a very short amount of time, while also toning your muscles in a way that will make it look like you've lost much more than just three lbs!

That's it. Follow the proven steps above and you'll lose weight fast.

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