August 08, 2010

West African College of Physicians (WACP) Calender Of Events For The Year 2010


The West African College of Physicians (WACP) has announced its complete Calender Of Events for the year 2010. All fellows and associate members are to take note and inform their centers. You are encouraged to spread the information far and wide.

The West African College of Physicians (The College) was formally inaugurated in Lagos, Nigeria, on 23rd October 1976. It is one of the two Colleges of the West African Post-graduate Medical College (WAPMC), which in turn is the largest specialised agency of the West African Health Community (WAHC).

The members Countries of the West African Health Community were the Gambia, Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra-Leone.

The West African Health Community was recently changed into the West African Health Organisation (WAHO) to accommodate other West African countries. Its headquarters is at Bobo-DiouLasso, Burkina Faso. The College’s membership originally covered the five English speaking countries in West Africa – The Gambia, Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone.

Following the establishment of the West African Health Organization by the Economic Community of the West African States of which the College is an integral part, the College has integrated specialists from the French speaking ECOWAS states as Fellows of the College, thus making it a truly West African Organization.

FebruaryUpdate Course in Psychiatry
Topic: Psychological Methods in Psychiatry
Venue: Yaba, Psychiatric Hospital, Lagos, Nigeria
Date: February, 2010
Coordinators: Dr. O. Morakinyo and Dr. C. O. Ogun
FebruaryUpdate Course in Paediatrics
Topic: Conducting Clinical Trials
Venue: UCH, Ibadan, Nigeria
Date: February, 2010
Coordinator: Dr. Ibe
FebruaryUpdate Course in Laboratory Medicine
Topic: Recent Advances in the Diagnosis and
Management of Common Malignancies
Venue: O. A. U Ile-Ife
Date: February, 2010
Coordinator: Dr. A. O. Onipede and Dr. Olasode
AprilFellowship Examinations, Ibadan/Accra
April 7th – 16th 2010- Fellowship Examinations – Ibadan/Accra
April 7th Thurs- Theory Part I (All Faculties and Part II Lab)
April 8th Fri - Primary MCQs Examinations (All Faculties) /Arrival of Part I Scripts from Ghana
April 9th Sat - Fam Med Part II/Lab Med Practical Exams/Arrival of Pry Scripts from Ghana
April 10th Sun - Strategic Plan& Implementation Committee Meeting/TOT
April 11th Sun - Publication of Results
April 12th Mon- Clinicals/Orals/Practicals ( All Faculties )Ib.+ Accra +PT II (All Faculties)
April 13th Tues- Part I & II (Clinicals – all Faculties)
April 13th Tues- Court of Examiners Meeting
April 14th Wed- Examiners depart to Ghana
April 15th Thur- Clinicals & Court of Examiners II in Accra, Ghana
April 16th Fri- Departure of Examiners from Ghana
May 1st- Commencement of Diploma Course in Mental Health
JuneUpdate Course in Internal Medicine
Topic: Endocrinology
Coordinator: Dr. (Mrs) J. Akpalu (Ghana) and Dr. Fasanmade (Nigeria)
JuneUpdate Course in Family Medicine
Topic: Lifestyle Medicine
Venue: Nigeria and Ghana
Date: 1st Week in June, 2010
Coordinator: Drs. Madaki (Nigeria), Lawson (Ghana) and Effie Gooding (Sierra Leone / Liberia)
JulyUpdate Course in Community Health
Topic: Health Economics/Financing Adolescent Health and Development
Date: July, 2010
Venue: OAU
Coordinators: Dr. Adesegun Fatusi
July 7th – 9thFaculty Board Meetings – WAPMC Building, Lagos
- International Office Committee- WAPMC Building, Lagos
- Examination Committee WAPMC Building, Lagos
- Accreditation Committee– WAPMC Building, Lagos
- Education and Research Committee – WAPMC Building, Lagos
- Finance and General Purpose Committee – WAPMC Building, Lagos
- Joint Meeting of WACP & WACS
- JCHPME – WAPMC Building, Lagos
July 26th -14th AugRevision Courses for the Fellowship Examinations;
for Primary, Part I & Part II Examinations.
Venue: University College Hospital, Ibadan, Nigeria
NOTE: Registration for all courses shall be at Staff Medical Services
Department, UCH, Ibadan, Nigeria
Overall Co-ordinator - Dr. A.A. Fadipe
July 26th -30thRevision Course for the PRIMARY EXAMINATION in all Faculties
Venue: Respective Departments at University College
Hospital, Ibadan, Nigeria.
Aug 2nd-14th Revision Course for Part I in all faculties
Venue: Respective Departments at University College
Hospital, Ibadan, Nigeria.
Aug 9th-14thRevision Course for Part II (Research Methodology)
Venue: Department of Preventative and Social Medicine,
University College Hospital, Ibadan, Nigeria.
Sept/OctoberFellowship Examinations, Ibadan/Accra
28th Sept. to 8th October 2010, Fellowship Examinations, Ibadan/Accra
Sept 29, Wed - Part I Theory (All Faculties) Part II Lab Med (Theory)
Sept 30, Thur - Primary MCQ Examinations (All Faculties) /Arrival of Part I Scripts from Ghana
Oct 1st Fri - No Examination
Oct 2nd Sat - Fam Med and Lab Med Examinations/Arrival of Pry Scripts from
Oct 3rd Sun- Strategic Plan and Implementation Committee Meeting/TOT
Oct 4th Mon - Clinicals/Orals/Practicals(All Faculties Part I & II (Clinicals/Oral/Praticals –(All Faculties)Ib.+ Accra+ Part II (All Faculties)
Oct 5th Tues - Clinicals Part I and Part II – all Faculties)
Oct 5th Tues - Court of Examiners’ Meeting (Ibadan)
Oct 6 Wed - Departure of Examiners to Ghana for the Clinicals
Oct 7 Thurs - Clinicals/Court of Examiners’ Meeting II (Accra, Ghana)
Oct 8 Fri - Departure of Examiners from Ghana
November 25thAdvertisement for Applications for April, 2011 Examinations
November34th Annual General & Scientific Meetings, Freetown, Sierra Leone

Nov 7 Sun - Arrival

8 – 12
- Annual College Lecture
- Annual Workshop
- Faculty and Faculty Board Meetings
- Finance and General Purposes Committee
- Council Meeting
- Board of Trustees
- Examination Committee Meeting
- Education and Research Committee Meeting
- Accreditation Committee Meeting
- International Office Committee
- Annual General Meeting

Nov 13 - Departure

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