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Monday, 4 March 2019

Classifications of Neurons

Classifications of Neurons :

* Classified based on 

Structural classification.
Functional classification.

¤Structural classification of neurons :

1. According to the number of processes extending from the cell body.

   * Unipolar neuron has a single process.
   * Bipolar neurons have two processes.
   *Pseudounipolar neuron has one process but divided into two.
   * Multipolar neurons have three or more processes.

2. According to the shape of cell bodySetallate cellsPryamidal cellsPyriform cells.

3. According to the length of their axon
   *Golgi type 1
   *Golgi type 2

¤ Functional classification of neurosensory :

1\ afferent neurons from receptor to CNS.
2\ Motor efferent neurons from CNS to effectors.
3\ Interneurons (association neurons) Facilitate communication between sensory and motor neurons.

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