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Saturday, 22 July 2017

Functional divisions of the nervous system

¤ Functional divisions of the nervous system

1\ Sensory afferent division: Receives sensory information (input) from receptors and transmits this information to the CNS. 

2\ Motor efferent division: Transmits motor impulses (output) from the CNS to muscles or glands (effecter organs). 

¤ Sensory afferent division two components :

1-Somatic sensory components:

*General somatic senses: Touch, pain, pressure, vibration, temperature, proprioception 
*Special senses: Taste, vision, hearing, balance, smell.

2-Visceral sensory componentsTransmit nerve impulses from blood vessels and viscera to the CNS Visceral senses primarily include Temperature, stretch (of the organ wall).

¤ Motor efferent division two components :

1- Somatic motor component (somatic nervous system; SNS):

Conducts nerve impulses from the CNS to skeletal muscles
~ Also known as the voluntary nervous system. 

2- Autonomic motor component (autonomic nervous system; ANS):

  • Innervates Internal organs. 
  • Regulates smooth muscle. 
  • Regulates cardiac muscle. 
  • Regulates glands.
~ Also known as the visceral motor system or involuntary nervous system.

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