October 17, 2010

USMLE 1 Question 13

What suspensory ligaments connect the outer edge of the lens of the eye with the ciliary processes?

a) zonnules of Zinn
b) zonnules of Schlemm
c) cruciate ligaments
d) ligaments of Treitz
e) ciliary ligaments

The correct answer is A

Also known as the suspensory ligament, the Zonnules of Zinn comprise a network of collagen fibres which connect the outer edge of the lens with the ciliary processes.

In this hammock of fine fibres lies the lens.

To the right is the margin of the vitreous humour, to the left is the posterior chamber, which lies between the zonnules and the iris. Below in the ciliary processes lie cells which are excreting aqueous humour, which flows to the pupil.

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