October 17, 2010

PLAB Question 14

A malignant tumor of the retina is known to affect children under the age of 5.

What is the classical appearance of the pupil at presentation in such a child?

a) constricted pupils
b) dilated pupils
c) irregular pupils
d) argyll robertson pupil
e) hutchinson pupil
f) holmes-adie (myotonic ) pupil
g) Marcus-Gunn pupil
h) sluggish pupil
i) white pupil
j) tonic pupil

The correct answer is I

The cause of most cases of retinoblastoma has recently been determined to be the absence of a tumor suppresser gene.

Retinoblastoma and other associated malignancies tend to run in families. One or both eyes may be affected. A visible whiteness in the pupil may be present. Blindness can occur in the affected eye, and the eyes may appear crossed.

The tumor can spread to the eye socket, and to the brain, by means of the optic nerve.

The risk factors other than a family history are not known. This is a rare tumor.

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